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Sometimes, you should go into a hunt with both eyes open. At its lowest magnification, our newest Zenith model allows you to do just that. Designed for large, dangerous or running game, its FlashDot technology lets you choose from 11 different illuminated dot settings, for the lowest light to the brightest sun.Steps 1 through 6 are for low light conditions, providing a precise aim point against the dark body of an animal at times when non-illuminated crosshairs may be impossible to distinguish. Steps 7 through 11 provide full illumination to the red dot at the center of the reticle, for use in bright sunlight or snow.  This functions much like the front bead on a shotgun, allowing quick, accurate shots at moving game. Turn the illumination off, and the reticle functions normally.

Being a Schmidt & Bender, it’s one of the few scopes that will hold up to the pounding of the largest calibers and double rifles. Any light, any game, any time, it puts you in control of the situation. Not something that would have you for lunch.

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