Reticles PM

Police Marksman Reticles

  • Specialized reticles developed for Police/Marksman II scopes
  • Effective rangefinding
  • Accurate estimation of target distance at any magnification level

P-1 (Bryant) reticle

  • Specially developed for Schmidt & Bender by Deputy Sheriff Robert Bryant, an experienced SWAT team member and police advisor
  • User-friendly design with crosshairs, posts, and lines
  • Developed for easy and efficient rangefinding

P-3 MilDot reticle

  • Developed by the U.S. Marine Corps in the 1970s for distance estimation on marine snipers
  • The dot on the reticle is spaced on the crosshairs in increments of 1 milliradian (1 mil)
  • This unit of measurement is used to determine the distance of the object being targeted

Converting to minutes of angle

  • Mil-dots on the vertical line of the reticle can be used for holdover estimation
  • They have to be converted to minutes of angle first
  • How to convert mils to minutes of angle: multiply the number of mils with 3.438
  • Each scope comes with conversion tables

P-3 MilDot Illuminated

  • Adjustable illumination of the crosshairs
  • Makes shooting in low-light conditions easier
  • Added third turret with click stops lets you control brightness levels
  • The reticle is turned off between stops
  • Easily restore your preset illumination level with a miniature turn of the knob

CQB reticle

  • Designed for Schmidt & Bender 1.1–4 x 20 CQB scope
  • At higher magnifications, the detailed center section allows precise rangefinding
  • Flash Dot technology: three different illumination levels (stops 1-3: illumination for use with night vision goggles, stops 4-6: illumination levels that aid the naked eye to see a dark target in low-light conditions, stops 7-11: high-intensity illumination of the center dot)
  • Can also be used as a standard scope with non-illuminated crosshairs

P4 and P4 Fine

  • Designed for precise rangefinding to 2000 meters.
  • The P4 is available with the 5-25 x 56
  • The P4 Fine is available with the 3-12 x 50 PM II Military
  • The P4 Fine has thinner lines than the P4

Reticle No. 7

  • Also offered in the 1.1–4 x 20 CQB scope
  • FlashDot illumination technology

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