Police Marks Man II

Schmidt & Bender Riflescopes

Police Marksman II

  • In use all over the world by professionals
  • Suitable for all environments, from urban settings to the desert and jungle
  • Maximum windage and elevation adjustments with click stops
  • Special turret with an 11-stop system for illumination control (illumination levels: almost invisible, for use with night vision equipment, full bright)
  • Also functions as a standard scope with non-illuminated crosshairs
  • Parallax adjustment
  • Wide field of view
  • Target distance for up to 1000 meters

Police Marksman II 3-12×50 mm

  • Standard equipment of the US Marine Corps
  • Offered with P1 or P3 reticles
  • 2 elevation and windage options
  • Parallax adjustment (separate turret)
  • Reticle brightness fully adjustable (11 settings)
  • Illumination settings and technology designed to save battery and enable easy access to pre-adjusted settings
  • Available with P3, P4, and P4 Fine reticles

Police Marksman II 4-16×50 mm

  • 50 mm lens for superb performance in low-light conditions
  • Wide magnification range allows for shots to distances above 1000 meters
  • Available with parallax adjustment only or parallax and illuminated reticle adjustment (separate turret to control each setting)
  • Color-coded elevation knob
  • Available with P3 or P4 Fine reticles

Police Marksman II 5-25×56 mm

  • Aim at targets as far as 2000 meters
  • 5x magnification and a wider FOW
  • Parallax adjustment (separate turret)
  • Illuminated reticle with 11 settings
  • Elevation knob is color-coded for instant reference
  • Comes with P3 or P4 reticles

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