Illuminated Reticles

How Illuminated Reticles Worked (And What We Changed To Make Them Better)

Old reticles had thick horizontal bars that made it easier for you to aim in the dark and steady the aim point on your target.

Modern Schmidt & Bender Illuminated reticles feature a single luminous red dot or a finely illuminated crosshair. This increases your performance and efficiency, making your aim point 100% precise even in near-total darkness.

How to Adjust Brightness on your Illuminated Reticles

  • If your reticle is too bright, you won’t be able to see the contours of the game you’re hunting. That’s why our Illuminated Reticles have 11 brightness settings that help you adjust the brightness of the reticle to ambient light.
  • The power supply is turned off between different positions. You can choose a preset brightness level and then turn off the adjustment turret. Instantly come back to your chosen setting, completely avoiding unnecessary glare. If you need to modify your setting, a small turn of the dial is enough to illuminate the reticle at a different intensity.
  • This will also save battery life: with our Illuminated Reticles, your battery can last over 100 hours (continuous use).

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