Best Binoculars For Hunting in 2020 – Reviewed

The best hunting binoculars are not the luxury that some people consider them to be. Although some sighting can be done through the rifle’s scope, nothing compares to the binocular’s ability to cover a wider area in a faster amount of time. Finding a great pair of binoculars isn’t always easy, however, particularly with the number of features that can be found on modern ones. To help our readers find binoculars that suit them well, we’ve decided to list the models that we feel are the best. Binoculars can improve the hunter’s visual coverage and allow them to zone in on their game.

Quick Summary of Binoculars For Hunting

 Best Overall 

Vortex Optics Diamondback 12×50 HD  (review)

 Also Recommended 

Nikon Aculon A211 10-22×50 Zoom  (review)

 Also Consider 

Bushnell Power View 10x50mm Instafocus  (review)


Vortex Optics Diamondback 12×50 HD

 Best Overall 

Although this pair of hunting binoculars might look like overkill to some people, most people change their minds once they’ve tried them. That’s because these binoculars not only deliver an impressive 12x magnification, but they also have large 50mm objective lenses. These objective lenses take in more light, so they provide the clarity and definition that other binoculars simply don’t provide.

And they also provide color-accurate views that work well in low-light conditions, such as for early morning hunting or hunting under the shaded canopy of thick woods. In other words, they simply allow the hunter to see better.

The next thing worth mentioning about these binoculars is the fact that they’re suitable for all weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if the hunter is hunting squirrel in the spring, scouting for bullfrogs in the summer, hunting for crow or deer in the fall, or doing some winter pheasant hunting, these binoculars are going to hold up. That’s because they’re made with a durable construction that’s designed to withstand that impact that it might occur out in the bush. And because their lenses are coated with an Armortek coating, they’ll hold up to scratches, impacts, and dirt. They’ll also fog proof and resistant to all weather conditions as well.

These binoculars use adjustable eyecups that twist up or down, which enables the hunter to adjust their field when they’re wearing eyeglasses. This allows the hunter to use sunglasses with them, or if they take them off, to readjust them so that they’re more comfortable. These binoculars also come with a pack so that they can be carried easily into the bush.

All of these features might not seem impressive when they’re found individually, but when they’re combined in one pair of binoculars, it’s easy to see how they can dramatically improve the ranging and locating of wild game. These are binoculars that are suitable for hunters, hikers or anyone else who needs to be able to see things clearly at a distance.


  • Has HD clarity and a 12x magnification.
  • Provide performance in all-weather conditions.

  • Costs quite a bit.

Nikon Aculon A211 10-22×50 Zoom

 Also Recommended 

Nikon is a company that’s well known for its ability to make great imaging products such as cameras, with a variety of their contributions even revolutionizing the photographic industry. So, it should be no surprise that they also do a fantastic job at making binoculars and that one of their products has made it on our list.

We weren’t surprised at all when we discovered this product because we know that they make great optic lenses, what did surprise us what that these binoculars would work so well for hunters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. These binoculars are designed with the needs of an outdoorsman in mind and it shows in every single detail.

The first thing worth mentioning is that these binoculars have a magnification level that can be adjusted from 10x up to 22x. And because they have easy-to-reach zoom control knobs, adjusting the magnification of these binoculars is quick and easy. This gives the user a field of the viewer of 66/199 at 1,000 meters, a real field view of 3.8-degrees and an apparent field of view of 36.7-degrees.

These binoculars have a minimum focus distance of 49.2-feet and are equipped with 50mm objective lenses, they provide great clarity to the user. These binoculars are extremely easy for hunters to use, no matter what lighting conditions they find themselves in.

These hunting binoculars just don’t give the user a great view around them, but they’re also designed to hold up to the rigors of hunting. Their lens is eco-coated glass lenses, and their body is made with a rubber coating that protects the binoculars and ensures a non-slip grip. This is true even when they’re used in wet or rainy conditions.

Regardless of whether these binoculars are used for hunting, or for some other activity such as hiking, bird watching, or even watching a football game, they’re sure to be quite beneficial to the person using them.


  • They’re very durable.
  • They provide a great view.

  • They do cost more than some other binoculars.

Bushnell Power View 10x50mm Instafocus

 Also Consider 

The first thing that we’d like to mention, as well as the most obvious thing, is the price of these binoculars. They’re considerably less expensive than other binoculars that we’ve used, which is by itself is a good thing. However, that also means that these hunting binoculars don’t have the optics that these other models do.

The optics aren’t bad, but they’re not top-notch either. They’re solid binoculars, but their lenses are simply mid-range lenses. This makes them good for most hunting expeditions, but they just won’t deliver the performance as some of the premium models can provide. With that being put out there, let’s see what these binoculars have to offer to the hunter.

These binoculars feature 50mm objective lenses and they can provide a good 10x magnification. This allows them to provide the hunter with a good visual range that’s decent in low-light conditions, but it also means that they don’t have the magnification power of many of the premium binoculars for hunters do. Their BK-7 prisms are multi-coated, however, so they do allow for crisp viewing of landscape or the game being hunted. And because they are equipped with fold-down eyecups, they can be used by a variety of people, even people who are wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.

It also should probably be mentioned that these binoculars have a great design with a camo pattern that looks good and holds up to the weather quite well. These binoculars also come with a carrying case with velcro straps that can be used for carrying the binoculars into the field.

In our opinion, the case is only moderately functional and we’re not sure that it’s going to last any extended amount of time out in the woods. However, even with the somewhat inferior carrying case, we do feel that these binoculars are a great budget model that’s suitable for occasional field use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


  • They feature a good mid-range set of optics.
  • They’re very budget-friendly binoculars.

  • The carrying case isn’t very durable.

The Hunter’s Guide To Binoculars

The above binoculars are the ones that we feel are the right for hunters and the ones that we feel will provide them with years of use. However, since we fully realize that some people might want to search for their own binoculars and simply want to know what they need to search for when shopping for a new pair, we thought that we would write a simple guide on the subject. In this simple guide to binoculars, we’ll go over some of the key features that consumers should keep an eye on when they’re buying a pair for hunting. 

Step One: Consider Magnification Level

One of the first things we’d like to recommend our readers to do when they’re shopping for a new pair of binoculars for hunting is to choose the magnification level of them. The magnification level of the binoculars is extremely important. As a general rule, the hunter is probably going to want to find a pair of binoculars in the 8x to 12x magnification range. Any less than that and the binoculars aren’t really good for spotting or tracking game. On the other hand, the hunter also doesn’t want to go too far in the other direction. Although it might sound cool to have a pair of binoculars with an 18x or higher level of magnification, this level of magnification can actually be counterproductive and make it harder to steady the image. 

Step Two: Consider Field Of View

We don’t have to remind our readers that hunters need to be able to view the largest amount of space possible. After all, they have to be able to view prey that might be off to the side. That’s why the hunter needs to choose a pair of binoculars with the highest field of view possible. 

Step Three: Consider The Binocular’s Objective Size

The objective size of the binocular is the size of the lens in millimeters and is often listed as the second number behind the magnification of the binoculars. For example, if a pair of binoculars has a magnification of 10x and has a 50mm lens, then it’s listed as a 10×50 pair of binoculars.  The larger the objective size of the lens, the better the binocular’s clarity will be. For most hunters who are hunting during the day, a pair of binoculars with a 40mm objective lens is usually good enough. However, if the hunter intends to hunt in low-light conditions or in forests that have a thick canopy, then they will probably want to go up to a 50mm lens or higher. 

Step Four: Think About Eye Relief

Eye relief is the amount of distance that the hunter can hold their binoculars from their eyes and still have a decent field of view. This measurement is expressed in millimeters and generally speaking an eye relief of 10 to 12mm is suitable for most people. However, if the hunter intends on wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses while using their binoculars, then they’re going to want to purchase a pair of binoculars with at least a 14-15mm eye relief. 

Step Five: Optical Coatings May Be Important

The next thing to seriously consider is the optical coatings used on the binocular’s lenses. Although there are too many different optical coatings to go over in the limited space of this article, hunters should think about choosing a pair that has optical coatings that reduce light reflection. These coatings allow the hunter to get a better view, one that’s clear and bright. Premium models generally use several different types of coatings, which helps clarify the image even further, but these binoculars tend to be more expensive. 

Step Six: The Size Of The Binoculars

The size of the binoculars is extremely important. No hunter wants to wield around a pair of overly bulky binoculars. Unfortunately, the higher the objective size of the lens, the bulkier the binoculars are going to be, so the hunter needs to weight image clarity against the weight and length of the binoculars. The hunter should get a pair that delivers the image quality they need at a size they’re comfortable with using. 

A Few Final Hunting Binocular Features To Think About

Even though we’ve gone over the most important features to consider when buying a pair of binoculars for hunting, those aren’t the only features to consider. There are a few other features that consumers should think about before making their final decision. We’ve included some of these features in the following list. 

  • Waterproofing
  • Fog Proof Lens
  • Accessories 
  • Focus

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