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Nice to look at. Nicer to look through.

So distinctive is the design of Schmidt & Bender’s Zenith riflescopes, that upon their introduction they earned the prestigious international IF Design Award, and were selected by Field & Stream magazine as the “Best of the Best.” Their streamlined elegance results in compact, efficient scopes that complement, not dominate, your rifles.

The full magnification range can be covered in just one 180 degree rotation—a mere half turn—of the adjustment dial. Eye relief is a safe and comfortable 90 mm (3 1/2 inches). Our POSICON system provides a graphic indication of the reticle’s position and remaining travel within the scope, facilitating mounting, sighting in, and insuring that you retain as much elevation and windage adjustment as possible.

Zenith 1.1–4 x 24

There is no better choice for dangerous or fast-moving game at close quarters. At lower magnification, an exceptionally wide field of view (36m/100m or 36 yds/100yds) allows you to keep both eyes open while placing a precise shot. The reticle is located in the second focal plane, so its size remains constant throughout the magnification range. Specifications

Zenith 1.5–6 x 42

Perhaps our most versatile scope. Excellent for close-range hunting on large game, while its 6x upper limit allows precise bullet placement at all but the longest distances. A large objective lens provides outstanding low-light performance, and a large field of view makes it highly efficient for driven game, stalking, and high seat or stand hunting. Specifications

Zenith 2.5–10 x 56

Its 56mm objective lens makes this the choice for low—or almost no—light. While providing some of the highest light transmission levels ever achieved in a rifle scope, it still measures only 13 inches overall, making it the shortest 56mm scope on the market. Especially appropriate for upgrading older firearms with existing mounts. Specifications

Zenith 3–12 x 50

On a plains game safari in Africa, an elk or pronghorn hunt in North America, rely upon this scope any time you might need to make a long, accurate shot.   A wide magnification range—from 3x all the way to 12x—lets you be prepared for forest and bush as well as wide-open country. Specifications


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