Precision Hunter

Our Precision Hunter riflescopes are based upon three of our most popular Classic series scopes, each equipped with a top-mounted bullet drop compensator and reticles designed to let you place an accurate shot at long ranges.

The elevation adjustment knob has graduations and numbers that allow you to create a custom distance chart for your preferred caliber. Blank elevation rings are also available with markings you can record after sighting in your rifle. All Precision Hunter scopes have 30mm tubes.

P3 Mil-Dot reticle

Originally designed for military and tactical use, the mil-dots can be used for estimating holdover at longer distances, as well as for windage allowance and for leading moving targets. Allows very precise rangefinding.

A highly versatile, extremely brilliant scope. A broad magnification range for close or very long shots, perfect for flat-shooting rifles. Slim silhouette more flexibility in mounting and the use of lower mounts. P3 Mildot reticle is standard. Specifications

An outstanding long-range scope, equipped with a third turret parallax adjustment. At 4x, the Mil-Dot reticle with fine crosshairs and four posts allows quick target acquisition. At 16x, the Mil-Dots become visible and can be used for precise rangefinding, trajectory and windage calculations. The top-mounted BDC has 5mm (1/5″ clicks) for quick adjustments to 500 yards. The windage adjustment also has 5mm clicks for precise sighting in. Specifications

Factory adjusted to be parallax free at 200 meters, it offers the same Mil-Dot capabilities as our 4–16 x 50 model. An exceptional all-around scope. Specifications

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