Police Marks Man II

“I don’t think I would have had a shot without a Schmidt & Bender.”

This is the type of comment we hear time and time again from military and law enforcement professionals, faced with high-stress situations under the most difficult circumstances. Our Police Marksman II riflescopes are in use around the world, from crowded urban environments to the most brutal desert, by highly trained shooters who know that a life–perhaps even their own–can depend upon the quality of their optics.

All PM II variable power scopes are built upon 30 or 34mm tubes to provide the maximum possible windage and elevation adjustments along with finer click stops.

A separate turret with 11 click stops controls the illumination function of a precise red dot at the center of the reticle. Fully variable illumination levels range from barely visible, for use with night vision equipment, to full bright for quick, accurate shots in bright, harsh daylight. With illumination switched off, the Short Dot functions as a standard scope with nonilluminated crosshairs. This is the first time that all possible applications of different illuminated reticle technologies have been combined into one riflescope, giving the Short Dot “any light, any time” versatility and reliability in any circumstance the shooter may encounter. Four bullet drop compensators are supplied for 5.56 mm cartridges, including the 62 gr. Green Tip, 75 gr. Hornady TAP, and the SR25 with M118R16 and M118 LR20 loads. Turrets are non-locking.

At lower magnification levels, the Short Dot can be sighted with both eyes open. The full magnification range can be covered in a single 180-degree turn. Available with special CQB and No. 7 reticles. Specifications

“So clear, you can almost see the future.” Read what Combat Tactics magazine says about the CQB Short Dot here.

Evolved from the basic Short Dot model, the addition of locking turrets and the CQB reticle results in a highly specialized instrument suitable for high-stress urban and combat situations. You have a choice of rings calibrated for either the M855, 75 gr. TAP or M118LR loads, to cover the popular 5.56 and 7.62 offerings. Locking windage, elevation and illumination turrets insure that the scope’s settings will not change even under the most rigorous system.

The reticle is located in the first focal plane, and includes ranging capabilities at higher magnification. At 1.1 power, the skeleton post system virtually disappears for fast, accurate target acquisition. The same highly flexible Flash Dot system as in the standard Short Dot is included. Specifications

Based upon our Zenith 1.1–4 x 24 Flash Dot hunting scope, this model evolved from requests for a smaller illuminated dot. Unlike our other Short Dot scopes, the reticle is located in the second focal plane. At 1.1 power it is more substantial, preferred for quick response when illumination is not required. At 4 power, the illuminated Flash Dot covers only 1.57″ at 100 yards (compared to 5.9″ for a reticle in the first focal plane). This allows more precise shot placement at longer ranges.

Locking illumination and elevation turrets are standard, calibrated for the M855, 75 gr. TAP or M118LR. Also included is our unique Posicon control, providing a graphic representation of where the reticle lies within its adjustment range. This makes for easier mounting and sighting in. Our Flash Dot illumination system is standard. Offered with reticles FD2 or FD7. Specifications

Utter simplicity, ruggedness and reliability. It is streamlined and efficient, its 42mm objective lens providing some of the highest light transmission levels ever achieved, yet presenting a low profile. It is built upon the smaller 30mm tube, allowing a wider choice of rings and mounting options. The fixed 10x magnifaction is designed for precise shooting at long ranges, yet still ofers a wide field of view (4m at 100m). The P3 Mil-dot reticle is standard. Specifications

One of our most versatile scopes, allowing precise shot placement to 1000 meters yet still presenting an exceptionally wide field of view at low power. An outstanding performer in poor light. Available with parallax adjustment or with parallax adjustment and illuminated reticles.

Two elevation/windage options are offered; Option One has one-centimeter click values with an elevation range of 220cm at 100m. Option Two is our “double turn” elevation knob with increments of 1/4MOA per click. Elevation range is 56MOA at 100m. Windage is also 1/4MOA per click, with a total adjustment of ±14MOA. Offered with P1 or P3 rangefinding reticles. Specifications

Combines parallax compensation, illuminated reticle control and 1/4MOA or centimeter clicks, resulting in one of the most sophisticated, complete scopes ever built. There are two elevation adjustment options: Option One is calibrated to 0.1 Mil click values. Option Two is calibrated in 1/4MOA click values. Color-coded window indicators graphically illustrate the reticle’s position within the overall adjustment travel, preventing the shooter from becoming “lost” within the adjustment range. The entire adjustment range can be covered in just two turns of the elevation knob, while the entire 3-12x magnification range is covered in just one-half turn (180 degrees).

Parallax adjustment is located in its own separate turret, as are the illuminated reticle controls. The reticle brightness is fully adjustable with 11 graduated settings allowing precise selection relative to ambient light. As with all Schmidt & Bender illuminated reticles, it turns off between settings saving battery power and allowing you to easily return to a pre-selected illumination level. Available with the P3, P4, or P4 Fine reticles. Specifications

The scope chosen by the United States Marine Corps as standard equipment Scout Sniper Day Scopes. It includes all the features of the 3–12 x 50 PM II LP, plus a specially designed “double-turn” counter-clockwise elevation knob with tactile clicks every 10cm or 1 Mil. In place of the color-coded window, it has a ring-style indicator which raises after the first full rotation of the knob. This can be both seen and felt by the operator, giving clear indication of which scale to read on the turret. There is a total of 220cm/22Mils/79.2″ of elevation adjustment. Specifications

A wide magnification range provides exceptional versatility from close range shots to distances beyond 1000 meters. A 50mm objective lens provides outstanding performance even under the poorest light
conditions. Available in two configurations; parallax adjustment only and parallax and illuminated reticle adjustment both.

The 4-16 x 50 is offered with our “double turn” elevation
knob with 1/4 MOA clicks and an adjustment range of 56 MOA. The entire 56-minute adjustment range can be covered in just two turns of the elevation knob, while the ial window graphically illustrates the adjustment position within the overall range. Windage increments are also 1/4 MOA per click, the total adjustment range ±14 MOA. Offered with P1 or P3 reticles. Specifications

Built at the request of the U.S. military to provide a long-range capable scope with a smaller objective diameter. Includes illuminated reticle and parallax adjustment, each controlled by a separate turret. It is equipped with a special Gen 2™ XL reticle with illuminated dots and cetner crosshair.

There are two elevation adjustment options: Option One is a single-turn, counter-clockwise turret with 0.1 Mil click values and 13 MRad/130cm/46.8″ of adjustment. Option Two is a double-turn clockwise turret with 1/4 MOA click values and 56 MOA total adjustment, plus our color-coded window indicators which graphically illustrate the reticle’s position within the overall adjustment travel. This prevents the shooter from becoming “lost” within the adjustment range. Complete illuminated reticle control is standard. Offered with P3 or P4 Fine reticles. Specifications

The popular 4–16 x 50 in an illuminated reticle LP model. As with all our LP series scopes, an illuminated reticle and parallax adjustment are standard, each controlled by a separate turret. Our LP system features a color-coded elevation knob that gives the shooter instant reference as to where the elevation is set. Just one turn of the knob provides 28 minutes of elevation. A window within the dial then changes to yellow, and one additional turn provides an additional 28 minutes of adjustment. The entire 56-minute adjustment range can be covered in just two turns of the elevation knob. Click values are 1/4 MOA. P3 or P4 Fine reticles available. Specifications

True 2000-meter capability. Unlike most long-range variables that offer only a 4x magnification multiple, the 5-25 x 56 provides a full 5x and a wider field of view. Parallax adjustment in a separate turret, completely adjustable from 10 meters to infinity.

The illuminated reticle has 11 graduated settings offering precise control relative to ambient light. The scope includes Schmidt & Bender’s unique color-coded “Double Turn” elevation knob that gives the shooter instant reference to where the elevation is set. The entire 100-minute adjustment range can be covered in just two turns of the knob. The user will never become “lost” within the adjustment range.

The 5–25 x 56 is offered with 56 MOA of 1/4 MOA clicks, or 273cm (93 MOA) of 1cm clicks. Your choice of P3 or P4 reticles. Specifications

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