Illuminated Reticles

In the past, a reticle with thick lateral bars was necessary to position the aim point on the dark body of a game animal in poor light.

Today, our luminous red dot or finely illuminated crosshairs perform this task much more efficiently…providing you with a precise aim point in near total darkness.

With any illuminated reticle, it is essential that its brightness can be easily adjusted. A reticle that is too bright will cause glare in the hunter’s eye, interfering with his ability to see the contours of the game. This is because the pupil of the human eye closes quickly upon receiving any source of light.

Schmidt & Bender illuminated reticles provide 11 fully adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to adjust the reticle precisely to the ambient light. The power supply is switched off between the 11 click stops on the adjustment turret, allowing you to accurately preset the appropriate brightness, then turn it off with a slight turn of the dial. Not only does this conserve your battery, but it allows you to instantly restore your chosen setting while avoiding the risk of glare that can occur when brightness is turned up from the zero position. When a shot presents itself, the slightest turn from this standby position to the next click immediately illuminates the reticle to the appropriate intensity.

In continuous use, the small, readily available battery will last over 100 hours.

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