Fixed Power

Rugged, simple and practical, Schmidt & Bender fixed power scopes allow you to hunt with the world’s finest optics at a reasonable price.

An extremely versatile riflescope, adaptable to a wide range of hunting situations. It is slender and mounts low on your rifle, with excellent light transmission for a medium-power scope. Ideal for all but the very longest shots. Specifications

As its large 56 mm objective lens would suggest, the high twilight factor of the 8 x 56 makes it particularly well suited for the poorest light, and even nighttime hunting from a high seat or blind. Specifications

The ideal scope for open country and long shots on big game and varmints. Also well suited for target shooting, as its high magnification allows identification of shots on target without the necessity of a spotting scope. A good choice for flat-shooting rifles in small and medium calibers

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